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Welcome to AFTERXXHOURS, a captivating brand that celebrates your multifaceted nature. Founded by entrepreneur and multipotentialite Kristi Woods.

By overcoming obstacles and finding her own path she is a reminder that it’s important to push past your own boundaries. Follow your own path in life and explore different interests to find your true passion. AFTERXXHOURS embodies the essence of diverse interests and creative passions.

Kristi's visionary touch, encompassing outgoing charisma, athletic prowess, intellectual acumen, and business sensibilities, shapes every facet of our brand, inviting you on a journey of limitless possibilities.

At AFTERXXHOURS, fashion is more than design; it's the impact we make. We provide sustainable, versatile, and timeless clothing that stands the test of time, becoming staple pieces in your closet.

The "After hours" concept goes beyond traditional business hours, allowing you to express unique interests and talents. The letter X symbolizes so many different things and to us XX symbolizes the limitless possibilities and unconventional paths in our lives. This brand represents and promotes independence by forging one's path. The staple of Black and white, will always be classic and consistent. With limited color drops. Transcending fleeting trends, symbolize disruptive creativity challenging the status quo.

Amid life's directions, we're a crossroads urging vibrancy and risk-taking. Our collections are born from pleasure and experiences. Collections that signifies life's limitless nature and embracing crossroads.

Our passion extends to philanthropic collaborations empowering the younger generation, guiding them along diverse paths. AFTERXXHOURS is supporting and promoting innovative ideas that will help make a positive difference in people’s lives. Driven to have a positive impact on multiple communities, environment, and industries.

Welcoming you to AFTERXXHOURS,
where dreams and passions unite, creating a timeless legacy. Embrace the philosophy of celebrating diverse talent and leaving a lasting industry impact.
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I hope you enjoyed XX 

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